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Andrea Hasani, Full Stack Developer

My name is Andrea, and I am a full stack developer based in Albania. My background in building web applications, writing bots and scripts has helped me sharpen my skills and improving my work.

My journey started when I was 7 years old from the passion and curiosity I had for computers and technology. This passion has grown much bigger over the years and I am always eager to learn new exciting technologies or grow my skillset through programming challenges. I enjoy improving my existing projects, mastering a new programming language, contributing in open source projects in Github or deepening my knowledge in Python.

If I’m not coding, I read fan-fiction books and take care of my dog.


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Chatting Platform

Simple chat platform using python and socketIO.

  • SocketIO Implementation
  • Real time messaging
  • Attachments
  • File format recognition

Python, Javascript, SocketIO, Flask


Web platform for searching question and getting code answers

  • StackOverflow API
  • Rabbitmq

Python, Javascript, SocketIO, Flask

Reddit Post Scraper & Parser

Scraping reddits posts and parsing using user defined keywords. Web Interface so users can configure the scraper.

  • SocketIO Implementation
  • Web Notifications Push
  • Title and Description Filtering
  • Configured through UI

Python, Javascript, Reddit, SocketIO, Flask

Sec Filings

Created a python scraper to pull data from latest sec filings. Parsed the data and extracted the fields client wanted. Parsed Data is then send to telegram via an bot.

  • Scraped latest sec filings
  • Parsed filings
  • Telegram Bot

Python, Regex, TelegramBot

Andrea Hasani


  • Skills
    • Programming:Python, Html, Css, PHP, Javascript, Mysql, Bash
    • Deployment:Linux, Docker, KVM, Git
    • Knowledge:Rest API, SEO, Testing, Automation, Nginx
  • Interests:Meeting new people; Traveling; Playing chess, Reading source code, Reading books


Hard & Soft

Feb. 2016 - July. 2016

Technical Assistant

Elbasan, Albania

  • Repairing computers
    • Installing OS
    • Upgrading hardware (RAM, CPU, HDD)
    • Changing broken components (PSU, Laptop Screen, motherboard)
  • Recovering Data


Sept. 2016 - Present

Full Stack Developer

  • Web Developer
    • Writing licensing solution (PHP)
    • Fixing and modifying wordpress plugins
    • Integrating API on Wordpress
  • Python Developer
    • Writting scrapers (Selenium, scrapy, asyncio, requests)
    • REST API Implementation (Twilio API, Google API)
    • Workflow automation, Unit testing and logging
    • Website creation using flask for backend
    • Data processing
  • Deploying projects using docker and git (version control system)


Sali Ceka, Proffesional College

Sept. 2017

System Maintenance, Majors (Computer Science)

Elbasan, Albania

Aleksander Xhuvani, Bachelor Degree


Technology Of Information And Communicatio, Majors (Computer Science)

Elbasan, Albania

References available upon request


Setup nginx reverse proxy with flask

In this tutorial, we are going to go through about how to setup Nginx reverse proxy with python flask and uwsgi.