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Andea Hasani, Full Stack Developer

Hello and welcome to my portfolio.

My journey into computer science started when I was 7 years old and got my first computer. At the age of 10, I had enough knowledge in finding apps, scripts and configuration for applications. When I was 14 I started learning HTML and CSS. Owned my first domain when I was 16 years old, in WordPress platform, which pushed me into learning PHP so I could customize the theme.

Over the years I've learned a few programming languages. Some of them include Python, bash, JavaScript, with Python being my strongest as I feel very comfortable working with it. Since the start of my journey into programming, I always loved taking new challenges and developing innovative solutions in the web and security industries.

In my free time, I read fan-fiction books and take care of my dog.





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Sec Filings

Created a python scraper to pull data from latest sec filings. Parsed the data and extracted the fields client wanted. Parsed Data is then send to telegram via an bot.

  • Scraped latest sec filings
  • Parsed filings
  • Telegram Bot

Python, Regex, TelegramBot

Reddit Post Scraper & Parser

Scraping reddits posts and parsing using user defined keywords. Web Interface so users can configure the scraper.

  • SocketIO Implementation
  • Web Notifications Push
  • Title and Description Filtering
  • Configured through UI

Python, Javascript, Reddit, SocketIO, Flask

Yellowpages Listing Scraping

Using python to scrape yellowpages and split the result in excel files.
The field scraped consist of name, website, facebook profile, email, Cel number, city, state and zip code.

  • Excel Automation for data separation
  • Total data scraped: 300,124
  • Duplicate data filtering

Python, Excel Automate

Simulating network load

Client company needed a way to test their platform architecture in case of internet problems, lantacy etc.
My solution was to use Toxiyproxy for simulating timeout, down latency etc.

  • Setting up dockers containers for mysql and website
  • Testing down network condition.
  • Testing lantacy and timeout condition.
  • Testing mysql delay condition

Docker, Python, Flask, Mysql, Toxyproxy

Andrea Hasani

Full Stack Developer

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]


Mobile:(355) 68 481-2282



Good at:

  • Python
  • Html
  • Css
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Docker
  • Linux
  • Rest Api


  • reactjs
  • nodejs


Expand skills and knowledge in programming and creating innovative technology in software and security fields.


Sali Ceka (2013-2017)

Proffesional School

  • Operating System
  • Open Source OS Utility Using IPC (I3 wm, linux)
  • Wordpress Theme Creation

Aleksandër Xhuvani, University (2017-Present)

Aleksandër Xhuvani, Technology of Information and Communication

  • Java Basic Programs

Proffesional Experience

Assistent Repair Shop (2015-2015 6 months)

Hard & Soft

  • Repairing of computers and smartphones
  • Bash scripting to automate linux installation and setup
  • Used a server to keep my schedule organized, synced with every device

Junior Web Developer (2015-2016 1 Year)


  • Writting wordpress themes
  • Fixing clients plugin probems
  • Php licensing soluton (REST API)
  • Business website with paypal and google maps integration.

Freelancer 2017

  • Python bots
  • Flask websites
  • Scraping
  • Rest API integrations (twilio sms, google docs etc)


Setup nginx reverse proxy with flask

In this tutorial, we are going to go through about how to setup Nginx reverse proxy with python flask and uwsgi.